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Our Mission

To be one of the leading distributors of all African food items in the UAE. To deliver an exceptional shopping experience by offering the best service, value, quality, and freshest products while being good stewards of our environment and giving back to the communities we serve.

Al Emlaaq Supermarket is one of the largest and first African supermarkets in the UAE. It is located in the Emirate of Sharjah. The company is involved in the distribution of food items only made in Africa and especially Nigeria. We deal on both whole sale and retail. Al Emlaaq supermarket. Our items are in quality and cheap rates as we. Al Emlaaq Supermarket was established in January 2021 and holds it's headquarters in Sharjah United Arab Emirate.

About the CEO

Innocent Ukatu Somto

is a young Nigerian youth from Anambra State, Eastern part of the country. A Christian and vibrant entrepreneur. He is the founder of Tobize Global Limited founded in Nigeria 2011 and also the CEO Innocent Ukatu General Trading LLC, headquarters in Dubai. He has ventured in so many other businesses.

Our Standards

We maintain and evolve on the standards that have become an integral part of our organizational culture through a continuous process of assessment and refinement that takes place across all areas of our services.

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